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Responsible Research in Practice is here to help life science research organisations support their researchers to conduct the best research they can and to become the best researchers they can through the provision of tailored training and a consultancy advice service. 

We recognise that the current climate and

culture of research means that many researchers

are struggling to juggle an ever increasing list 

of demands upon their time. This can cause

shortcuts to creep into individuals daily routines and

the quality of research to begin to slip with no

immediately obvious warning signs to indicate a

decline in research standards or conduct. The net

result is a steady stream of scientific papers

highlighting issues with how research is conducted

and calling for efforts to improve the reproducibility,

reliability and translatability of results.

We help researchers develop, or refresh their

critical, challenging and creative thinking skills

such that they are aware of and able to identify 

common pitfalls.This together with an enhanced

awareness of local and international resources or 

initiatives to help support and advise researchers is

the first step to empowering behavioural change and enables individuals to take action to improve their own research practices.

We run tailored workshops that put research integrity in the practical context of Life Science research and encourages self-reflection in a safe and supported environment so that individuals understand what they do well and what they could do better. 

Our bespoke training can be adapted to cater for all life science staff at any stage of their career, with a range of research integrity/ethics, responsible conduct and good practice topics. All are presented in a style and format that is both relevant and interesting because personal experience of conducting research, ethical review and legislative requirements means we understand what's important. 

Since gaining her PhD at Kings College London Nikki has accumulated over 15 years experience working within the animal research and animal welfare community within the UK, Europe and beyond. During this time she has worked with academic, commercial, regulatory and non-governmental organisations to promote animal welfare and support implementation of the 3Rs principles of humane science through a range of initiatives involving: education, training, ethical review and policy work. Nikki is currently a member ofCOPE(Committee on Publication Ethics), a UKRIO(UK Research Integrity Office) advisor and SYRCLE(SYstematic Review Centre for Laboratory animal Experimentation) ambassador. She is also a member of the ISTT and serves on the 3Rs committee.

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