Science should be 

  Evidence based

  AND above all


  Challenging and


We offer a range of tailored training that is relevant and engaging to Bioscience researchers.

For example: 

  • Animal Research: Critical, Challenging and Creative Thinking Course.
  • Guide to Research Integrity Workshops.

Our consultancy service can:​

  • Review and identify gaps in the provision of support for researchers to meet good practice standards.
  • Provide a 3Rs mentoring service and/or 3Rs advice clinics.
  • Develop content for bespoke e-learning provision.

Here at Responsible Research in Practice we know from experience that for researchers to do the best research they can and become the best researchers that they can be - the environment and local research culture needs to be right. 

We pride ourselves in providing a bespoke and friendly professional services tailored to the needs of each client including: 

  • reviewing current practices and/or operational processes 
  • advice to help understand and develop the local culture of care
  • training workshops and courses for researchers at all stages of their career in a range on topics- research integrity - responsible conduct- research ethics -animal use in research- research reporting standards -critical, challenging and creative thinking.

We also make it our job to keep up to date with the evolution of funding body requirements, good practice guidelines, concordats, and initiatives to improve awareness of and signpost those most relevant to our clients.

We want to work with you so don't delay and send us a message today! 

Responsible Research in Practice


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Registered Address: Bailey House, 4-10 Barttelot Road, Horsham, RH12 1DQ.

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​​We are a company with practical experience of: animal research; the 3Rs principles of humane experimental technique; animal 

welfare; research reporting standards; ethical review, legislation regulating animal use for scientific purposes and research integrity.

We understand the pressures, conflicts and challenges faced by researchers day to day. We recognise it can be difficult to keep up to date with all funding body expectations, concordat commitments, good practice guidelines and recommended research practices.

Responsible Research in Practice is based in West Sussex. We are located close to Gatwick Airport and within easy reach of London by train. 

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