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We are based in West Sussex, located close to Gatwick Airport and within easy reach of London by train. 

5th May: UKRIO Annual Conference. The fourth annual research integrity conference focused on how to support a culture of high quality and ethical research. Speakers discussed how to respond to common issues and pitfalls and provided updates on new developments within the sector. A selection of material (including Nikki's session "Research Integrity for the Biosciences) is available to view HERE

BLOG: www.responsibleresearchinpracticeblog.co.uk


​​28th-31st May: WCRI 2017 -The 5th World Congress on Research Integrity is taking place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The conference program will explore the challenges of promoting transparency and accountability and the consequences of the failure to do so, with the overall goal of developing an evidence-based agenda for addressing the various lapses of integrity that seem to have become an endemic problem in research today. For more information or to register please visit www.wcri2017.org

25-26th September: LAVA/ESLAV/ECLAM Conference on Reproducibility of Animal Studies - This event taking place in Edinburgh will focus on how veterinarians and scientists can positively influence the 'reproducibility of animal studies'. Topics will include:  responsible research; experimental design; funding body & regulators perspectives on reproducibility; the influence of designated veterinarians on reproducibility; how husbandry and animal welfare can influence reproducibility. For more information or to register please visit www.lavaeslaveclam.efconference.co.uk/


24th November: "Bridging the Gap - Making Research Integrity Relevant" This session took place during the LASA Annual Conference. The session was an introduction to Research Integrity (RI) for laboratory animal scientists and explored what the topic means in practice. Copies of the session presentation are available from the resources section of this website.

1st-4th October: TT2017 - The 14th Transgenic Technology Meeting will be taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information or to register please visit www.istt2017.com

20th June: Bioscientist's guide to Research Integrity - This Royal Society of Biology workshop is taking place in London. Registration is open to RSB and non-RSB members. For more information or to register please visit www.rsb.org.uk/events/event_bioscientistsguidetoresearchintegrityri​