Future Events Calendar 2019/2020


8th May 2019

UKRIO's 7th annual research integrity conference, London, UK

Dr Nikki Osborne will be participating in a panel discussion around the event theme - safeguarding of good research practice: including how to achieve research that is of high quality and has high ethical standards, how to respond to mistakes and problems, and how to address research misconduct. This event is for UKRIO subscribers. For more information or to enquire about membership visit www.ukrio.org or email info@ukrio.org

10th May 2019

"The emotional cost of caring: Impact on Animal Welfare", London, UK

This workshop organised by Jordi Tremola & Angela Kerton focuses on the working practices and challenges faced by laboratory care professionals and researchers. Promoting care and welfare requires great communication skills, and the provision of an appropriate platform for staff to balance their emotions and commitments when working with animals used for experimental purposes. It is hoped that the workshop will make a positive difference to individuals, whether that be managing their own mental health and well-being or supporting animal welfare.

14th May 2019

"Experimental design and power analysis for in-vivo scientists", London, UK

This NEW Course is being run for Responsible Research in Practice by the very experienced Dr Natasha Karp (course tutor). For more information download the course summary HERE.

21st-24th May 2019

JRC Summer School on Non-Animal Approaches in Science, Ispra, ITALY

The European Commissions Joint Research Centre (JRC) Summer School is specifically tailored for post-graduate students and early-career scientists working in the biosciences and will focus on non-animal methods and technologies and the opportunities and challenges associated with their application in various fields such as regulatory toxicology and biomedical research. The intention is to explore the role of the Three Rs (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement of animal experiments) in science today through discussion and debate.

For more information please visit ec.europa.eu/jrc/en/event/conference/jrc-summer-school-non-animal-approaches-science



2nd-5th June 2019

6th World Conference on Research Integrity, HONG KONG

The 6th World Conference on Research Integrity in Hong Kong will explore the application of new research findings to develop new and better solutions to address New Challenges for Research Integrity. For more information or to register visit wcri2019.org

10th-13th June 2019

14th FELASA Congress, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

Monday 10th June - Dr Nikki Osborne will be speaking in session OA1 (14:00-15:30) about "Research culture, learning trends & education in animal studies".

Wednesday 12th JuneDr Nikki Osborne will be presenting in session OB5 (10:15-11:45) on the topic of "Animal Research Reporting: Where are we now?"

Wednesday 12th June - Dr Nikki Osborne will be discussing in session OB6 (14:15-15:45) the topic of "How can we make research more responsible?"

19th June 2019

"LASA Large Animal Research Network (LARN) Annual Meeting", Edinburgh, UK

For more information or to register for this event visit www.lasa.co.uk/meetings/

20th June 2019


The theme of this meeting is "AWERBs - Moving forward". For an agenda please email research.animals@rspca.org.uk, or to register visit HERE.

20th & 21st June 2019

"Animal research: Critical, Challenging & Creative Thinking", London, UK

This course takes place once a semester for PhD or MPhil students registered at UCL, KCL, RVC, LSHTM, Birkbeck whose research involves the use of animals, animal derived material or animals derived data. To register or for more information UCL students should CLICK HERE and students studying at the other institutions should CLICK HERE.



25th September 2019

LASA 3Rs section meeting "Pain assessment and control in Laboratory Animals", Ware, UK

For more information email info@lasa.co.uk



4th October 2019

"Animal Research Reporting" Edinburgh, UK

This NEW WORKSHOP is being run for a client by Dr Nikki Osborne & Dr Jane Alfred. For more information download the course summary HERE.



26-28th November 2019

LASA Annual Conference 2019, Birmingham, UK

For more information please visit www.lasa.co.uk, or email info@lasa.co.uk




23-26 March 2020

"AST 2020" Joint LASA/LAVA/IAT Annual Science and Technology Conference, Edinburgh (UK)

For more information or to register your interest in attending please visit www.ast2020.org



8-11 June 2020

"ESTIV 2020" - 21st International European Society of Toxicology In Vitro Congress, Barcelona, Spain

Save the date, more info to follow.

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