Future Events Calendar 2019/2020


16th-19th September 2019

"Improving Preclinical Data Quality and Robustness", Radboud University Medical Centre, Nijmegen

Administration fee for this Summer School is €50. To register or for more information visit https://quality-preclinical-data.eu/learning-environment/summer-school/


20th September 2019

"Guide to the 3Rs & Responsible Animal Research", Imperial College London, UK

Fee for non-Imperial researcher's £100. For more information visit the course webpage HERE or email Anna Napolitano.


25th September 2019

LASA 3Rs section meeting "Pain assessment and control in Laboratory Animals", Ware, UK

For more information email info@lasa.co.uk


25th & 26th September 2019

"Guide to responsible animal research @The Crick", The Francis Crick Institute, UK

This is a repeat of the workshop that was held in February 2019 and is intended for research students working at The Crick whose project involves the use of animals or animal derived material. For more information please contact the NTCO.


26th September 2019

Imperial Animal Research Forum, Imperial College London, UK

This annual event seeks to celebrate excellence in animal research. For more information please CLICK HERE.



4th October 2019

"Animal Research Reporting" Edinburgh, UK

This NEW WORKSHOP is being run for a client by Dr Nikki Osborne & Dr Jane Alfred. For more information download the course summary HERE.


14th October 2019

"Experimental design for In Vivo Scientists"

This is a repeat of the course that ran in May 2019. For more information email Anna Napolitano.



26-28th November 2019

LASA Annual Conference 2019, Birmingham, UK

For more information please visit www.lasa.co.uk, or email info@lasa.co.uk




23-26 March 2020

"AST 2020" Joint LASA/LAVA/IAT Annual Science and Technology Conference, Edinburgh (UK)

For more information or to register your interest in attending please visit www.ast2020.org



8-11 June 2020

"ESTIV 2020" - 21st International European Society of Toxicology In Vitro Congress, Barcelona, Spain

Save the date, more info to follow.

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