Tell us how we can best serve your training needs online

Here at Responsible Research in Practice we always try to do our best to provide the training services that our client organisations and members of the bioscience research community need.

To date we have focussed our efforts on delivering quality, tailored, in-house, face-to-face training. This is because we believe this format is invaluable in providing individuals with the opportunity to directly interact with our expert tutors, to ask questions, share experiences and discuss challenges.

With the current Covid-19 pandemic on going, we recognise that continuing to undertake face-to-face training at this time is not the responsible thing to do. Fortunately, the online technology now exists to make it possible for our expert tutors to securely interact and share their experience with researchers anywhere in the world.

We have over the last few months been working very hard behind the scenes to develop our online booking and training capabilities. To ensure that we make the right decisions and continue to be able to provide the training and support services that the Bioscience research community needs – we need your help!

We want you to tell us how we can best serve your training needs online. To do this we are inviting you, your peers and your colleagues to submit your answers to six short questions accessed via the link below.

We are hugely appreciative of all the comments that are shared and any feedback that we receive, so if you have any questions please do not hesistate to contact us.

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