Working collaboratively with the UK Reproducibility Network to improve the reproducibility of life science research

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We are excited to announce that Responsible Research in Research has officially become a UK Reproducibility Network external stakeholder affiliate member.


Since it was founded in 2015, Responsible Research in Practice has been working to support researchers and client organisations to enhance the rigour and reproducibility of life science research.


We do this through a range of activities including:


Our efforts may be specialist and unique within the laboratory animal science sector, but thankfully we are not alone in our endeavours within the context of the broader research landscape. It is therefore an absolute pleasure to be able to link up our efforts with those of other researchers, institutions, funders, publishers and stakeholders via the UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN).


The UKRN was formed in 2019, to facilitate the co-ordination of likeminded individuals and organisations to drive positive change. Through its membership this network seeks to:

  • investigate factors contributing to poor research reproducibility and replicability,
  • promote training activities, and
  • aid the dissemination of best practice to improve the trustworthiness and quality of research.


To learn more about the role of coordinated and collective action to tackle reproducibility issues, the UK and global reproducibility networks, plus how you can get involved please join Prof Marcus Munafó (Chair of UKRN Steering Group) and Dr Nikki Osborne for the next FREE Responsible Research Monthly webinar on Wednesday 19th January 2022 @10am GMT. To register CLICK HERE.


To read more about the UKRN and global efforts to improve reproducibility please read this recent paper published by the UK Reproducibility Network Steering Committee – From grassroots to global: A blueprint for building a reproducibility network. PLoS Biol 19(11) 2021: e3001461.


For details regarding all previous and up coming FREE Responsible Research Webinars visit our website.

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