Responsible Research 101 Course


This course consists of a series of 8 scheduled webinars all built upon the concept of six simple steps for responsible research.

10am-12noon (BST), Mon 6th July – Session 1: Introduction to 6 simple steps for responsible research.
10am-12noon (BST), Tue 7th July – Session 2: Step 1 – What is the aim of your research?
10am-12noon (BST), Wed 8th July – Session 3: Step 2 – How to identify the best research model.
10am-12noon (BST), Thur 9th July – Session 4: Step 3 – Understanding your research framework.
10am-12noon (BST), Mon 15th July – Session 5: Step 4 – Common experimental design flaws and how to avoid them.
10am-12noon (BST), Tue 16th July – Session 6: Step 5 – What can you do to improve the research model, method and/or technique?
10am-12noon (BST), Wed 17th July – Session 7: Step 6 – What have you learnt and how can you improve?
10am-12noon (BST), Thur 18th July – Session 8: Current best practice in research dissemination.
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– All webinar sessions are recorded (audio, visual and screen content).
– To join the course sessions you will need a Mac, PC or mobile device that you can use to access the session by downloading the GoToWebinars mobile or desktop app, or using your web browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). You will also need an internet connection of 1Mbps or better (broadband recommended), or a mobile device with 3G reception or better (wifi recommended).

Webinar Date


Webinar Time

10:00am BST

Webinar Duration

2 hours