Training to enhance the reproducibility and rigour of research involving the use of aquatic animal species and derived material.


Our NEW aquatic animal research training is designed to support individuals to act responsibly, rigorously and fully implement the 3Rs principles of humane scientific technique. 

This course is for you if you are involved in the planning, design, conduct, review, analysis or dissemination of research involving the use of aquatic animal species or derived material.

Accessible to individuals at any stage of their research career, this course is designed to complement (not replicate) mandatory training for legal compliance and to ensure attendees are 100% up to date with best practice.

NOTE -  All attendees completing the course receive a certificate of attendance to use for CPD purposes. 


Aquatic Animal Research Training - Want to know more?

Completion of this Responsible Aquatic Animal Research online course will empower individuals to:

  • communicate their research in an open and transparent manner, with an informed understanding of the range of societal opinions that exist on this issue.
  • recognise what implementation of the 3Rs and best practice means in the context of individual research projects, and why it is important for the rigour and reproducibility of research.
  • take ownership of your research conduct and the contribution you make to your local research culture.
  • demonstrate awareness of what research integrity means in the context of aquatic research.
  • confidently design and plan research involving the use of aquatic species using a range of tools and resources that have been developed to support researchers to improve research practices.
  • understand the importance of good welfare, consider what factors can impact on the lifetime experience of aquatic species, and reflect on how to enhance efforts to implement the 3Rs.

For a more detailed description download a copy of the Online Responsible Aquatic Research Training Course Overview.


Aquatic Animal Research Training - LIVE course timetable

9:30am-12:30 noon (GMT/BST), Monday – Session 1: Introduction to animal use and the 3Rs
9:30am-12:30noon (GMT/BST) Tuesday – Session 2: Animal Research Integrity
9:30am-12:30noon (GMT/BST) Wednesday – Session 3: Common experimental design pitfalls and how to avoid them
9:30am-12:30noon (GMT/BST) Thursday – Session 4: Aquatic animal welfare and the 3Rs in practice


Registration fees: 

LIVE online course: £415. This fee includes:

  • 1 live online training course - with expert tutors Dr Nikki Osborne and Dr Chloe Stevens;
  • Compulsory session quizzes to assess achievement of learning outcomes and optional activities to reflect upon how to apply the learning outcomes and receive personal coaching;
  • Copies of training session content and handouts – for the personal use of participants to refer back to it whenever you wish;
  • Direct access to expert tutors during the course – to discuss any practical challenges/barriers to implementing your learning, individual project details or get answers to any questions you may have.


Aquatic Animal Research Training - LIVE course dates

LIVE online course:

29th April-2nd May 2024 - REGISTRATION CLOSED

30th September-3rd October - REGISTER NOW


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Title Start Time Total Duration To Register
LIVE Responsible Aquatic Animal Research Course
(29th April-2nd May 2024)
09:30am GMT 10 hours Closed
LIVE Responsible Aquatic Animal Research Course                                 (30th Sept - 3rd Oct 2024) 14:00 BST 10 hours Book Now


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