Training in statistical analysis for in vivo and in vitro researchers

Our statistical analysis training course is designed to support life science researchers to select the most appropriate method of statistical analysis for their experimental design.

Individuals also learn how to report results in a rigorous and reproducible way - a critical skill for individuals at any stage of their research career.

No prior knowledge of statistical analysis methods is required, but some knowledge of good experimental design is assumed.


We believe that responsible, rigorous and reproducible research does not just happen. It requires:

  1.  an awareness and understanding of contemporary best practice standards in all aspects of research practice (including ethics, integrity, experimental design, methodology, statistical analysis and research dissemination).
  2. the ability to recognise what 'best practice' means for a given research project at a given moment of time (note - this will change throughout an individuals research career).
  3. the confidence and competence to implement best practice when it matters i.e when planning, designing, conducting, analysing and disseminating their research.


Having completed our statistical analysis training course individuals will be able to:

  • identify sources of variation, and understand how to minimise the impact it can have.
  • understand how a scientific question maps to statistical questions and combines with the experimental design to influence the choice of statistical analysis methods.
  • visualise their data and make the most appropriate choice of plot to explore their data.
  • interpret summaries for location and dispersion, and what features of data influence the choice of appropriate summary statistics.
  • discuss data transformation methods, why they may be necessary, and which are the most useful.
  • identify and deal with outliers, plus use measures of precision.
  • compare two groups of data and assess significance using a t-test, plus understand p-values.
  • identify and interpret ANOVA, ANCOVA and other statistical tests including non-parametric tests and other simple statistical tests for more complex data types.
  • link the results of statistical analysis to the study purpose when reporting their research and use confidence intervals to better inform decision making.


For a more detailed description download a copy of the Online Statistical analysis for In Vivo Scientists training course. You can also watch course tutor Katrina Gore as she shares her “Statistical guide to developing robust preclinical in vitro and in vivo assays” in this FREE Responsible Research Webinar.


Course Timetable

9:30am-12:30 noon (GMT/BST), Monday – Session 1: Basics of visualisation and hypothesis testing
9:30am-12:30 noon (GMT/BST) Tuesday – Session 2: Estimation & Precision, Significance tests and Basics of ANOVA
9:30am-12:30 noon (GMT/BST) Wednesday – Session 3: Extending ANOVA and reporting results


Registration fee: 

£395 per person. This fee includes:

  • 3 LIVE online interactive training sessions - to deliver the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to analyse in vivo and in vitro experiments, plus report them in a robust and reproducible way;
  • Direct access to Katrina Gore for the duration of the course – to discuss any practical challenges/barriers to implementing your learning;
  • Copies of all course content and handouts – all course material is accessible so you can refer back to it whenever you wish;
  • Invitation to join a private LinkedIn group – a community for information sharing, tools, resources and collaboration / discussion.


Course dates

LIVE online course:

8th-10th January 2024 - CLOSED

25th-27th March 2024 - COURSE FULL

7th-9th October 2024 - REGISTRATION OPEN


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Title Start Time Total Duration To Register
Statistical Analysis for In Vivo and In Vitro Scientists Course                (8th-10th January 2024) 09:30am GMT 9 Hours CLOSED
Statistical Analysis for In Vivo and In Vitro Scientists Course                (25th-27th March 2024) 09:30am GMT 9 Hours FULL
Statistical Analysis for In Vivo and In Vitro Scientists Course                (7th-9th October 2024) 09:30am BST 9 Hours BOOK NOW
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