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These professional on-demand training sessions are designed for laboratory-based individuals working within the Life Science research sector.

Whether you are involved in the planning, design, conduct & dissemination of research, or training, mentoring, supervising & overseeing others - our professional content will empower you to be your best self.

Prices start from as little as £75 per session and include:

  • 1 on-demand training session – to maximize your research design, reproducibility and impact;
  • Individual activities with 1:1 feedback – to practice applying the learning outcomes and receive personal coaching from our expert tutors;
  • A personal copy of the session training content & handouts – all training material is accessible to download so you can refer back to it whenever you wish;
  • Invitation to join a private LinkedIn group – a community for information sharing, tools, resources and collaboration / discussion.

Improving Rigour & Reproducibility

Learn to:

  • identify what best practice means in the context of your own work;
  • recognise how best practice relates to the reproducibility, rigor and the translational value of research;
  • plan and design your experiments with renewed rigour and confidence;
  • critically review research models, methodology and techniques to identify flaws and limitations to provide opportunities to improve your research practices;
  • enhance your research impact and personal contribution to your local research culture.

Responsible Animal Research

Learn to:

  • acknowledge the range of societal opinions relating to animal research.
  • recognise how fully implementing the 3Rs can help to improve the rigour and reproducibility of research.
  • take ownership of your research conduct and the contribution you make to your local research culture.
  • confidently design and plan research involving the use of animals.
  • refine factors that can impact on the lifetime experience of laboratory animals.

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100% of on-demand training participant's surveyed said they would recommend their session to others.

Our ON-DEMAND training sessions are self paced so you can complete them in your own time.

All our courses & training sessions have home work activities to complete so that we can provide 1:1 feedback & support.

Our expert tutors are passionate about helping individuals implement best practice and empowering culture change.


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Title Total Duration Start Now
Improving Reproducibility Training 
Session 1: Introduction to 6 simple steps for responsible research. 55 mins Start Now
Session 2: Step 1 – What is the aim of your research? 60 mins Start Now
Session 3: Step 2 – How to identify the best research model. 55 mins Start Now
Session 4: Step 3 – Understanding your research framework. 50 mins Start Now
Session 5: Step 4 - Common experimental design flaws and how to avoid them. 75 mins Start Now
Session 6: Step 5 - What can you do to improve the research model, method and/or technique? 70 mins Start Now
Session 7: Step 6 - What have you learnt and how can you improve? 55 mins Start Now
Session 8: Current best practice in research dissemination. 60 mins Start Now
Responsible Animal Research Training Course Total 10 hours Start Now
Session 1: Introduction to animal use and the 3Rs 90 mins Start Now
Session 2: Animal Research Integrity 100 mins Start Now
Session 3: Common experimental design pitfalls and how to avoid them 100 mins Start Now
Session 4: Animal welfare and refinement in practice 110 mins Start Now

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