Mindset to Growth provides the tools you need to thrive in a complex world!


The Mindset to Growth (MTG) programme:

teaches participants about mindset and the differences between operating from a mindset of growth and survival.

supports individuals to identify their survival and growth mindset triggers, habits, flags and behaviours.

uses targetted feedback from the Growth Indicator psychometric tool (bespoke to this training programme) to inspire participants to move from a mindset of survival to growth.


Why choose the MTG training programme?

This programme can be used as a self-managed learning solution, or supported by in-person workshops or online webinars.

It is an ideal training solution to support individuals and sustain learning at any stage of their career.

The programme can be used as a stand-alone training solution, or in combination with the Enabling Your Growth Climate training programme.


MTG training programme outcomes include:

  • enabling transformation, culture and organisational change at scale;
  • increased performance and release of blocked potential;
  • enhanced learning agility and positive response to change;
  • reduced incidence of burnout and building of sustained resilience;
  • improved inclusion and psychological safety within the work environment;
  • enhanced engagement and self-compassion;
  • increases self-confidence to think creatively,  speak up and challenge others.


This programme is best suited to:

  • Leadership and talent development
  • Graduate development
  • Releasing the full potential of STEM talent
  • Culture change at scale
  • Team development
  • Enhancing 1:1 coaching


For more information download a copy of our Mindset to Growth Programme Overview.


Our Mindset to Growth training fee includes:

  • Direct access to a licensed mindset practitioner† - who has completed the Mindset to Growth programme and is trained to deliver a blended learning experience;
  • A before and after Growth Indicator psychometric tool - to provide 1:1 feedback, suggest personal development targets and track progress for each individual participant;
  • 6-hours self-directed e-learning via the award winning* Mindset Practice learning platform – individuals will be given access to training material plus online tools to support their progress and personal development at a pace that suits them;
  • 12 months access to the Mindset Practice learning Platform – includes access to training material, growth trackers and the FABB for 66 days habit change tool;
  • Comprehensive group reporting (for client organisations only) – to evaluate training impact.

†* Our founding company director Dr Nikki Osborne is a Mindset Practice licensed practitioner. Licensed to deliver the mindset to growth training programme.

* Mindset Practice won the 2022 Association for Business Psychology (ABP) Excellence in Innovation Award for their industry leading digital learning platform.


Start Time Duration Price
Mindset To Growth Programme For a quote contact us
Self-managed learning solution 1-month lead-in 6-hours Contact us
Blended learning including 3 online webinars 2-month lead-in 3x 1-1.5 hour webinars, plus 6-hours e-learning Contact us
Blended learning including in-person workshops 3-month lead-in various options available, plus 6-hours e-learning Contact us

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