Mindset Awareness empowers individuals to fulfil their potential!


Our Mindset Awareness workshops:

introduce the concept of growth and survival mindsets and the traits associated with each.

raise awareness of the importance of mindset and how it influences our reactions and interactions with others.

provide individuals with an opportunity to explore their survival and growth mindset habits and behaviours.


Why book a Mindset Awareness workshop?

These workshops can be delivered in-person or online.

They are an ideal introductory training solution for organisations interested in exploring the benefits of mindset training.

The workshops can be tailored to organisational requirements and individuals or teams.

Our workshops can be delivered as a stand alone training solution, or in combination with our Mindset Indicator Assessment, or mindset training programmes - Mindset to Growth & Enabling Your Growth Climate.


Mindset Awareness workshop learning outcomes include:

  • awareness of mindset and the benefits associated with a mindset of growth;
  • understanding how growth and survival mindsets differ;
  • experience of how mindset impacts how you show up to others;
  • an ability to begin to recognise growth and survival mindset traits in yourself and others;
  • insight into how developing the skills to manage your mindset can benefit you and your local research culture.


These workshops can be tailored to focus on:

  • Leadership and talent development
  • Graduate development
  • Releasing the full potential of STEM talent
  • Culture change at scale
  • Team development


For more information download a copy of our Mindset Awareness Workshop Overview.

For advice or to discuss your organisations requirements please contact us.


Our Mindset Awareness Workshop training fee includes:

  • Direct access to a licensed mindset practitioner* - who can tailor the workshop to your requirements and is trained to deliver a blended learning experience;
  • An interactive experiential workshop tailored to the audience and organisational requirements - these can be delivered online or in-person at a location provided by the client organisation;
  • Participant copies of training workshop content and handouts – this is provided for personal use only so participants can reflect and refer back to it whenever you wish.

* Our founding company director Dr Nikki Osborne is a Mindset Practice licensed practitioner. Licensed to deliver mindset awareness workshops.


Start Time Duration Price
LIVE Online Mindset Awareness Workshop - 30 July 2024 14:00-16:00 BST 2 hours BOOK NOW
Online workshop 2-month lead-in 1-2 hours From £500
In-person workshop 3-month lead-in Minimum 2 hours From £500, plus expenses