Training to enhance the reproducibility and rigour of research involving the use of animals and animal derived material.


This course is designed to support individuals to fully implement the 3Rs principles of humane scientific technique when planning, designing, conducting, reviewing, analysing and disseminating research involving the use of animals or animal derived material.

We believe that responsible animal research does not just happen. It requires:

  1.  an awareness and understanding of contemporary best practice standards in all aspects of research practice (including ethics, integrity, experimental design, methodology, statistical analysis and research dissemination).
  2. the ability to recognise what 'best practice' means for a given research project at a given moment of time (note - this will change throughout an individuals research career).
  3. the confidence and competence to implement best practice when it matters i.e when planning, designing, conducting, analysing and disseminating their research.


Our Responsible Animal Research: Critical, Challenging and Creative Thinking course is aimed at individuals at any stage in their career. NOTE - This course is designed to compliment legislative training requirements and not to replace or duplicate it.


Having completed this course individuals will be able to:

  • communicate their research in an open and transparent manner, with an informed understanding of the range of societal opinions that exist on this issue.
  • recognise what implementation of the 3Rs and best practice means in the context of individual research projects, and why it is important for the rigour and reproducibility of research.
  • take ownership of your research conduct and the contribution you make to your local research culture.
  • demonstrate awareness of what research integrity means in the context of animal research.
  • confidently design and plan research involving the use of animals using a range of tools and resources that have been developed to support researchers to improve research practices.
  • understand the importance of good animal welfare, consider what factors can impact on the lifetime experience of laboratory animals, and reflect on how to enhance efforts to implement the 3Rs.

For a more detailed description download a copy of the Online Responsible Animal Research Course Overview. You can also watch Dr Nikki Osborne as she shares her “Guide to responsible Animal Research” in this FREE Responsible Research Webinar.


Course Timetable

10am-12:30 noon (GMT/BST), Monday – Session 1: Introduction to animals use and the 3Rs
10am-12:30noon (GMT/BST) Tuesday – Session 2: Animal Research Integrity
10am-12:30noon (GMT/BST) Wednesday – Session 3: Common experimental design pitfalls and how to avoid them
10am-12:30noon (GMT/BST) Thursday – Session 4: Animal welfare and the 3Rs in practice


Registration fee: 

£300 per person. This fee includes:

  • 4 training sessions(either LIVE online interactive sessions OR ON-DEMAND webinar style tutorial sessions) - to highlight what good practice is relevant to you, improving your knowledge, awareness of the issue and sharing resources to support you to implement it;
  • Individual activities with 1:1 feedback - to reflect upon how to apply the learning outcomes and receive personal coaching from Dr Nikki Osborne;
  • Direct access to Dr Nikki Osborne for the duration of the course – to discuss any practical challenges/barriers to implementing your learning;
  • Copies of all course content and handouts – all course material is accessible so you can refer back to it whenever you wish;
  • Invitation to join a private LinkedIn group – a community for information sharing, tools, resources and collaboration / discussion.
  • An optional 20 minute 1:1 meeting with Dr Nikki Osborne. Discuss individual project details or get answers to any remaining questions you may have.


Course dates

LIVE online course:

15th-18th November 2021 – REGISTRATION CLOSED

10th-13th January 2022 - REGISTER NOW

7th-10th March 2022 - REGISTER NOW

27th-30th June 2022 - REGISTER NOW


ON-DEMAND Responsible Animal Research Course



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