Responsible, Rigorous & Reproducible Research Training

Since 2015 Responsible Research in Practice has been providing training services to a range of organisations across the Life Science sector.

Our training services are designed to support individuals to implement best practice, with a focus on enhancing the rigour and reproducibility of research.

This benefits organisations by supporting the development and maintainance of a responsible research culture.


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All our professional training courses and workshops enhance knowledge, develop understanding and develop each individuals ability to implement best practice.

We are a specialist provider of mindset training to empower and inspire individuals working within a research environment to be their best and most authentic self.

Our responsible animal research training , lab animal publication school and improving reproducibility training focusses on planning, conducting, reviewing and communicating research in an ethical, rigorous, reproducible and impactful way.

Our popular statistical analysis for in vivo and in vitro scientists training course supports individuals to select the most appropriate method of statistical analysis for their experimental design, and to report results in a rigorous and reproducible way.

The PREPARE for Better Science course is the result of a unique collaboration with Norecopa and focusses on improving how animal studies are planned to support individuals to enhance the care, use and oversight of animals in science.


Common topics covered by our LIVE and ON-DEMAND online courses plus client tailored training services include:

    • How to plan, design & report animal studies well;
    • Common experimental design problems and how to avoid them;
    • Freely available tools and resources designed to improve research practices and implement good practice;
    • How to work reproducibly to maximize research impact and minimize waste;
    • The culture of research, and what we as individuals can do to make a difference;
    • The power of mindset, how it impacts an individuals mental health, resilience and ability to adapt to change, plus others working within a shared environment.
    • Knowing your research framework and how to conduct research responsibly;
    • Societal expectations and ethics, the importance of public engagement and trends in Societal opinions;
    • Causes of controversy within the Bioscience sector and how to minimise the risks;
    • Research integrity - what it is and what does it mean in practice?;
    • Ethical review of research involving the use of animals, or animal-derived material;
    • Animal research reporting guidelines;
    • Animal welfare and implementation of the 3Rs;
    • Current best practice in the dissemination of research outputs.


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You can register for our online training courses at any time by:

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Once registered we will automatically send you a personalised link to join your chosen training session, and any other information that you may require.

If your plans change once you have registered, no problem. Just email us and we will be happy to transfer your booking onto a future course (subject to availablity).

To find out more about our client tailored training workshops and courses please email your enquiry to to request further information, or arrange a call.


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100% of online training participant's surveyed said they would recommend their course to others.

Our courses are available LIVE and ON-DEMAND so you can access them when you need them, wherever in the world you are.

All our courses have strictly limited numbers so that we can provide every participant with 1:1 support.

Our expert tutors are passionate about helping individuals implement best practice and empowering culture change.

Don't just take our word for it....have a scroll through to read participant's feedback and comment's in the box below.


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Title Start Time Total Duration To Register
Responsible Animal Research: Critical, Challenging & Creative Thinking (4th-7th March 2024) 09:30 GMT 10 hours Closed
Lab Animal Publication School    (18-20 March 2024) 09:30 GMT 12 hours Closed
Statistical Analysis for in vivo & In Vitro Scientists Course                  (25th-27th March 2024) 09:30 GMT 10 hours FULL
Responsible Aquatic Animals Research: Critical, Challenging & Creative Thinking (29th April-2nd May 2024) 09:30 BST 10 hours Closed
Lab Research Publication School                                                                 (23-26 Sept 2024) 09:30 BST 12 hours Book Now
Responsible Aquatic Animals Research: Critical, Challenging & Creative Thinking (30th Sept-3rd Oct 2024) 14:00 BST 10 hours Book Now
Statistical Analysis for In Vivo & In Vitro Scientists
(7-9 October 2024)
09:30 BST 9 hours Book Now



Title Start Time Total Duration More Info
Improving Reproducibility for Advanced Biomedical Researchers Course ON DEMAND 16 hours Course Page
Responsible Animal Research: Critical, Challenging & Creative Thinking Course ON DEMAND 10 hours Course Page

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