Mindset training empowers individuals to manage themselves and their relationships better.


It gives participants the tools they need to identify for themselves what is not okay and make choices about what they can do differently to make life better.

Maybe you want to feel less stressed or under pressure and more in control of your life.

Perhaps you would like to feel better about yourself and the work that you do.

How about feeling less tired and/or achieving a meaningful work life balance.

Imagine fulfilling your potential and making a positive impact in this world.


Your mindset is the key.

Everyone experiences a level of mental and/or physical fatigue at some point during their life. It can be short lived, or longer lasting. A one-off occurence or re-occurring. A low point or incapacitating.

For some people there will be a medical cause that requires treatment, but for many these symptoms are our bodies way of telling us that (at some level) we are not 100% okay. This can relate to how we feel about ourselves or others or can be a combination of the two.


Mindset awareness training can help.

By reconnecting our bodies and minds we can learn to:

recognise what behaviours indicate you are operating from a mindset of growth and a mindset of survival.

identify what triggers your mindset to change.

become more choiceful in your responses to show up more consistently from a mindset of growth.


Research shows that mindset awareness can:

influence whether an individual fulfills their potential (whatever that potential may be);

impact an individuals' mental health, resilience and ability to adapt to change;

shape the research culture as individuals are influenced and affected by their peers, colleagues and working environment.


Want to find out more about mindset training?


Mindset Awareness Workshops:

  • provide an ideal introductory training solution for anyone interested in exploring the benefits of mindset training;
  • can be tailored to organisational requirements and individuals or teams;
  • flexible delivery options including online and in-person;
  • enhance awareness and understanding of growth and survival mindset traits;
  • support mental health awareness, improve self-confidence and build resilience;
  • enhance communication, engagement, inclusivity and compassion.

Mindset training programmes:

  • offer a self-managed learning solution that can be support by in-person workshops or online webinars;
  • are an ideal training solution to support individuals and sustain learning at any stage of their career;
  • provide a stand alone training solution that can also be used in combination, or complement 1:1 coaching;
  • provide the knowledge and tools needed to survive in a complex world;
  • improve engagement, collaboration, openness and communication;
  • enhance accountability, build trust and reduce conflict.


Title Sessions Duration For More Info
Mindset Awareness Workshop 1 or more minimum 1-1.5 hours CLICK HERE
Mindset To Growth Programme 3 3 x 2 hours CLICK HERE
Enabling Your Growth Climate Programme 2 2 x 2 hours CLICK HERE

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