Mindset Indicator Assessment just £55 in July and August 2024.

Mindset Indicator Assessment

What is the Mindset Indicator Assessment?

The Mindset Indicator (MI) is an easy to use and evidence based online psychometric test developed by Mindset Practice. It takes just 5 minutes to complete and involves reading a series of statements and deciding whether they are true for you or not. The MI Assessment is recommended for individuals that have attended our Mindset Awareness Workshops, or who are looking to understand their mindset better. The MI Assessment can be useful to inform 1:1 coaching sessions, or for organisations looking to:

  • develop leaders and talented individuals working at any level
  • enhance a graduate development programme
  • support STEM talent to fulfil their potential
  • facilitate cultural change at scale
  • improve team performance and communication


What will the Mindset Indicator tell me?

The Mindset Indicator provides an instant, independant overview of your growth and survival habits in relation to the mindset you hold towards yourself (your Self Belief) and the mindset you hold towards other people (your Belief in Others). This knowledge can empower individuals to take ownership of their actions and fulfil their potential whether working alone, or as part of a team.


How much does the Mindset Indicator cost?

For July and August, we are offering the Mindset Indicator for just £55 per person.


What does the Mindset Indicator price include?

The price includes:

    • 1x Mindset Indicator assessment
    • 1x targeted feedback report that is personalised to your results and provides suggestions for growth
    • 12 months access to a FABB for 66-days habit change tool/app
    • 2x growth trackers to see how your mindset is changing as you gain greater awareness and use the habit change tool/app.


For more information or ask any questions relating to the Mindset Indicator Assessment please email admin@responsibleresearchinpractice.co.uk.

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