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Animal Welfare & Refinement in Practice: Session 4 – Responsible Animal Research On-Demand Training 

This is the 4th session of the Responsible Animal Research training series, consisting of 4 on-demand sessions.

You choose – your training – your way…

Each session can be taken individually to refresh your knowledge & understanding of a specific aspect of best practice.


All 4 sessions can be completed in turn to gain a Responsible Animal Research Course certificate.


During Session 4 we discuss:

how our understanding of animal welfare  a good life for laboratory animals has changed, from the five freedoms to ‘a life worth living’
why animal welfare is important – scientifically & ethically
the laboratory animal’s lifetime experience,
what refinement throughout an animals lifetime requires in practice & factors to consider,
the importance of good animal handling & knowing what is ‘normal’,
two key concepts – the refinement loop & marginal gains.


Registration fee £50 per session. This session fee includes:

  • 1 on-demand training session – to maximize your research design, reproducibility and impact;
  • An individual activity with 1:1 feedback – to practice applying the learning outcomes and receive personal coaching from Dr Nikki Osborne;
  • Copies of all session content and handouts – all material is accessible to download & keep so you can refer back to it whenever you wish;
  • Invitation to join a private LinkedIn group – a community for information sharing, tools, resources and collaboration / discussion.


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