Future Events Calendar 2019/2020



9th-11th January 2019

FRAME/VetBioNet Training School in Experimental Design, Nottingham, UK

The Training School is aimed at postgraduate level or above. It is FELASA accredited and qualifies for LASA CPD. The programme is structured to lead participants from simple experimental design and statistical ideas, through more complex methods and analysis to effective presentation of findings. Participants are also able to discuss their own research problems/experiences with the expert tutors. For more information please visit frame.org.uk/training-events/training-school

14th-18th January 2019

ESLAV/ECLAM winter school on Systematic Reviews, Dublin, IRELAND

For more information please visit eslav-eclam.org/education/eslav-eclam-winter-school-on-systematic-reviews/



27th & 28th February 2019

Surgical Techniques and Innovations, Oxfordshire, UK

The LASA Animal Science (Transgenic) Section invites you to their first technical forum on the topic of surgical techniques and innovations at Harwell, Oxfordshire. This 2-day meeting is an opportunity to network with other from the UK working in the transgenic field. For further information or to book please visit www.lasa.co.uk/meetings



19th March 2019

Are you PREPAREd? How to design Animal Experiments, Copenhagen, DENMARK

Based on PREPARE, this course gives an overview of all topics you need to consider when planning your study. It will introduce you to a number of resources which will ease your way to the optimal study design. Registration deadline 25th February 2019. To register or for more information visit www.scanbur.com/academy#61



4th April 2019

RSPCA Refinement strategies for challenging procedures, Stevenage, UK

This 1-day meeting will feature practical case studies of successful refinements to procedures where this is traditionally regarded as challenging; for example, analgesia provision in pain models, or refining humane endpoints in some regulatory tests. For more information please contact research.animals@rspca.org.uk



8th May 2019

UKRIO's 7th annual research integrity conference, London, UK

This event is for UKRIO subscribers and invited guests. For more information please contact info@ukrio.org

21st-24th May 2019

JRC Summer School on Non-Animal Approaches in Science, Ispra, ITALY

The European Commissions Joint Research Centre (JRC) Summer School is specifically tailored for post-graduate students and early-career scientists working in the biosciences and will focus on non-animal methods and technologies and the opportunities and challenges associated with their application in various fields such as regulatory toxicology and biomedical research. The intention is to explore the role of the Three Rs (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement of animal experiments) in science today through discussion and debate.

Applications to attend must be received by 15th January 2019. For more information please visit ec.europa.eu/jrc/en/event/conference/jrc-summer-school-non-animal-approaches-science



2nd-5th June 2019

6th World Conference on Research Integrity, HONG KONG

The 6th World Conference on Research Integrity in Hong Kong will explore the application of new research findings to develop new and better solutions to address New Challenges for Research Integrity. For more information or to register visit wcri2019.org

10th-13th June 2019

14th FELASA Congress, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

The Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations invites you to attend this scientific and educational event to: up current knowledge on the use and welfare of animals in experiments and how to make improvements in these areas; the correct reporting of animal research and the newest information and recommendations on working with aquatics and some other rarely used species. To register or for more information visit www.felasa2019.eu



26-28th November 2019

LASA Annual Conference 2019, Birmingham, UK

For more information please visit www.lasa.co.uk, or email info@lasa.co.uk




23-26 March 2020

AST 2020 Annual Science and Technology Conference, Edinburgh (UK)

For more information or to register your interest in attending please visit www.ast2020.org

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