Responsible Research 101 Training Course

Everything you need to know to conduct research responsibly…..

Registration is open for our online Responsible Research 101 training courses running November 2020-July 2021.

The course is aimed at laboratory based researchers at any stage in their career who are actively planning, supervising, conducting, analysing and disseminating animal, or in vitro research and want an overview, or refresher of current best practice.

Course participants will learn to:

  • identify what best practice means in the context of their own work;
  • recognise why best practice is important for the reproducibility, rigor and translational value of their research data;
  • plan their experiments with renewed confidence;
  • critically review their research methodology and identify opportunities to further improve their research conduct;
  • enhance their research impact and personal contribution to the research culture within the scientific communities they are a member of (local, national, international).

For a more detailed description download a copy of the Responsible Research 101 Course Overview or view this FREE Introduction to Responsible Research 101 webinar (Duration 45 minutes).

Course Timetable:


10am-12:00noon (BST), Monday – Session 1: 6 simple steps for responsible research
10am-12:00noon (BST), Tuesday – Session 2: What is the aim of your research?
10am-12:00noon (BST), Wednesday – Session 3: How to identify the best research model.
10am-12:00noon (BST), Thursday – Session 4: Understanding your research framework.


10am-12:00noon (BST), Monday – Session 5: Common experimental design flaws and how to avoid them.
10am-12:00noon (BST), Tuesday – Session 6: What can you do to improve the research model, method and/or technique?
10am-12:00noon (BST), Wednesday – Session 7: What have you learnt and how can you improve?
10am-12:00noon (BST), Thursday – Session 8: Current best practice in research dissemination.

Registration fee: £360 per person.

The course includes:

  • 8 live interactive online sessions – to maximize your research design, reproducibility and impact;
  • 4 individual activities with one-to-one feedback – receive personal coaching on your research work from Dr Nikki Osborne;
  • Dedicated time for Question and Answers – to address any questions you may have;
  • Access to session recordings – to review material or catch up any missed sessions;
  • Direct access to Dr Nikki Osborne for the duration of the course – to discuss any practical challenges/barriers to implementing your learning;
  • Copies of all course content, activities and handouts – including links to access all references material so you can refer back to it every time you design research;
  • Invitation to join a private LinkedIn group – a community for information sharing, tools, resources and collaboration / discussion.

Course dates

9th-19th November 2020

25th January – 4th February 2021

15th-25th March 2021

17th-27th May 2021

28th June-8th July 2021



  • This course is limited to 10 places that will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
  • We are passionate about providing the training and support that our participants need so places on our training courses are strictly limited to enable us to tailor aspects of the content to individual needs. This is what our clients have come to expect and no less than our participants deserve.
  • You can find out more about what our clients and training participants think of us by viewing our CASE STUDIES, or visiting our TRAINING or CONSULTANCY pages.
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