8 Improving Reproducibility On-Demand Training Sessions

Everything you need to know to conduct research responsibly…..

Register now for our on-demand Improving Reproducibility training aimed at experienced life science researchers.

If you are actively planning, supervising, conducting, analysing, reviewing and disseminating in vivo, or in vitro research this course is for you.

We will teach you how to improve rigor and enhance your ability to implement contemporary best practice throughout the research life cycle.


Our course teaches participants how to:

  • identify what best practice means in the context of their own work;
  • recognise how best practice relates to the reproducibility, rigor and the translational value of research;
  • plan and design their experiments with renewed rigor and confidence;
  • critically review research models, methodology and techniques to identify flaws and limitations that provide opportunities to improve their research practices;
  • enhance their research impact and personal contribution to the culture of research that they work within.

For a more detailed description download a copy of the Improving Reproducibility Course Overview.


The course comprises of 8 bitesize on-demand training sessions:

Session 1: 6 simple steps for responsible research – Start now

Session 2: What is the aim of your research? – Start now

Session 3: How to identify the best research model. – Start now

Session 4: Understanding your research framework. – Start now

Session 5: Common experimental design flaws and how to avoid them. – Start now

Session 6: What can you do to improve the research model, method and/or technique? – Start now

Session 7: What have you learnt and how can you improve? – Start now

Session 8: Current best practice in research dissemination. – Start now

Registration fee: £75 per session.


Course fees include:

  • 1 LIVE interactive online session – to maximize your research design, reproducibility and impact;
  • A homework activity with 1:1 feedback – to practice applying the learning outcomes and receive personal coaching from Dr Nikki Osborne;
  • Direct access to Dr Nikki Osborne – to discuss any practical challenges/barriers to implementing your learning;
  • A copy of the session content and handouts – all session material is accessible to download so you can refer back to it whenever you wish;
  • Certificate of attendance – this can be used to update participant CPD or training records.


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