Certificate of attendance validation checks frequently asked questions.

Certificate of Attendance Validation Checks

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you validate attendance at your on-demand webinars?

Here are Responsible Research in Practice we take the job of certificate of attendance validation checks very seriously because they are used as proof of CPD. We therefore carry out a number of steps before any certificates are issued. These include:

  1. We check the time and date that the person has completed their webinar registration and started watching the webinar recording.
  2. We check that the in-session time recorded for the person matches the expected time that we know the webinar takes to complete.


What happens if my attendance cannot be validated?

If there is evidence from these checks that a person has not watched and completed the on-demand webinars as intended then they will be notified via email and further checks may be undertaken.

The person will be given 2 options:

  1. To re-register and complete the on-demand webinars as intended and notify us when this action has been taken. We will run our checks again and if satistfied issue the certificates of attendance.
  2. To have the certificate of attendance fee refunded minus an administrative fee (50% of of the certificate cost).


Can I register for an on-demand webinar and download it or watch it later?

No. The system does not allow for the webinars to be downloaded. We are also not able to validate the attendance and completion of webinars for which the in-session time recorded by the system exceeds the expected in-session time. It is therefore recommended that individuals only register and start the on-demand webinar when they are able to complete it without significant interruption.


If you should have any other questions relating to the completion or validation of our on-demand webinars please contact us at admin@responsibleresearchinpractice.co.uk.

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