Introduction to Responsible Research 101

Introduction to Responsible Research 101

Join Dr Nikki Osborne for this FREE ‘Introduction to Responsible Research 101’ webinar.

During this session Nikki introduces the concept of responsible research and shares her 6-step checklist for responsible research in practice. This checklist contains six basic steps that can be applied across all life science research disciplines and exemplify what it takes to deliver responsible, rigorous and reproducible research in practice.

In this webinar you will learn:

– why responsible research matters;
– how we all contribute to the research culture;
– what responsible research means in practice;
– about the responsible research 101 programme including the Improving Reproducibility course;
– where to go for more information.

During this on-demand webinar you will have access to download session handouts including a PDF copy of the slideset.

After completing this on-demand webinar you are eligible to receive a personal certificate of attendance. This can be used for CPD purposes &/or to add to your personal training records. The certificate costs £5 and is available upon request via email.

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Attendees of this webinar may also be interested in our Improving Reproducibility Training Series consisting of 8 on-demand training sessions that can be taken individually or in combination.


  • To access this content viewers will need to provide a valid email address before the recording will start.
  • This webinar was recorded in June 2020.
  • The use of these responsible research on-demand webinars for educational or training purposes is encouraged.

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