Practical guide to open research

Practical guide to open research

Join Frank Norman & Dr Nikki Osborne for this FREE webinar ‘Practical guide to open research’ webinar.

During this session Frank Norman (Head of library and information services at the Francis Crick Institute) takes us under the bonnet of open research and shares his practical insights to help researchers meet funders expectations.

In this FREE ‘Practical guide to open research’ webinar you will learn:
– what open access and open licensing mean;
– different routes to open access;
– how preprints benefit research;
– some freely available tools and resources that support the sharing of data, code and software;
– about the FAIR guiding principles for scientific data management and stewardship
– where to go for more information.

You will also have access to download session handouts including a PDF copy of the slideset.

After completing this on-demand webinar you are eligible to receive a personal certificate of attendance. This can be used for CPD purposes &/or to add to your personal training records. The certificate costs £5 and is available upon request via email.

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