FREE Responsible Research Webinars ‘On Demand’

FREE Responsible Research Webinars available on-demand!

Don’t worry is you are unable to join our FREE monthly Responsible Research Webinar Series live. Every session is recorded including the Q&A session at the end and made available usually within 24-48 hours.

Just like our LIVE webinars, each of our Responsible Research on-demand webinars is free to access & includes:

  • access to download session handouts including a PDF copy of the slideset;
  • a certificate of attendance to use for CPD purposes &/or for personal training records.

The use of these responsible research on-demand webinars for educational or training purposes is encouraged. Please email to receive a current list of webinar titles and links to use as internal training resources.

There are currently 31 FREE Responsible Research Webinar Series titles to choose from covering a broad range or responsible research topics including:

An Introduction to Responsible Research 101

How to plan animal studies well

How to write research rigorously

Improving the reproducibility of cell line research

Guide to responsible animal research

Managing the responsible use of animal material in research

Guide to assessing the translational value of preclinical animal studies

Guide to identifying alternative non-animal methods from the scientific literature

Statistical guide to developing robust preclinical in vitro and in vivo assays

Returning to animal research: Guide to managing post-pandemic experimental variables

Guide to systematic reviews in biomedical research – lessons to improve reproducibility & rigour

Guide to protocol registration for preclinical animal studies

Guide to the validity of animal behavioural models

Guide to developing a culture of integrity

Guide to improving reproducibility by networking

How to plan studies for pathology endpoints

Guide to implementing responsible research practices

Practical guide to open research

Practical guide to developing a 3Rs strategy

Exploring the role of engagement in research.

Developing a standardised approach to the ethical review of animal materials

Illustrative guide to replacing an animal research model

Openness about Animal Research: how to be a part of the change

Practical guide to mentoring conversations

How we can improve peer review of in vitro studies?

Randomisation in Genetically Altered Mouse Studies – It is possible!

Is mindset awareness helpful within research cultures?

Guide to improving the rigour & reproducibility of personalised medicine research

10 steps from research study to paper

Guide to refinement for fish species

How to share research in a free, fast & fair way

NOTE – To access this content viewers will need to provide a valid email address before the recording will start.

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