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Come & see us Sunday 27 – Thursday 31 August at WC12 Canada

The 12th World Congress (WC12) on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences is being held in Niagara Falls, Canada. The theme is ‘3Rs over the edge: regulatory acceptance and next-gen education’ and Dr Nikki Osborne will be there.

If you would like to see or hear Dr Nikki Osborne talk, you will find her presenting at the following sessions:


Monday 28 Aug: Session 415 – 9:00-10:30 EDT

TALK: Abstract 642 – Overcoming mindset as a barrier to implementing change.

Mindset has been reported to be a common barrier that needs to be overcome when it comes to delivering cultural change within the laboratory animals sciences. This is because an individual’s mindset can influence their willingness to consider and accept different ways of working and their ability to implement change. It can also affect the local research culture as we are all influenced by what we hear and see going on around us. In this presentation I will discuss how awareness of mindset traits, triggers and behaviours can help individuals develop their mindset to fulfil their research potential. Educators, mentors, and supervisors can learn to identify mindset characteristics in others so that they can offer the support or guidance that individuals need to develop behavioural traits beneficial to themselves and others working around them. Research groups, institutes and organisations can use mindset awareness to enhance the local research culture, but also to inform discussions and decisions regarding how individuals’ behaviours are managed or rewarded to facilitate change.

To download a PDF copy of Nikki’s presentation CLICK HERE.


Tuesday 29 Aug: Session 442 – 14:00-16:00 EDT

TALK: Abstract 101 – Working towards the ‘essential 10’.

Within the laboratory animal sciences, we have some great best practice guidelines for planning (the PREPARE guidelines) and reporting (ARRIVE 2.0) animal studies. The ability to report ‘the essential 10’ as defined within ARRIVE 2.0 (1. Study design; 2. Sample size; 3. Inclusion and exclusion criteria; 4. Randomisation; 5. Blinding; 6. Outcome measures; 7. Statistical methods; 8. Experimental animals; 9. Experimental procedures; 10. Results) does not happen by chance. It requires planning, excellent communication and input from all members of the scientific and animal care team. In this presentation I will discuss what delivery of the ‘essential 10’ means in practice. I will share freely available tools and resources to support implementation of the ‘essential 10’, plus some hints and tips that I have picked up during my own career working within the laboratory animal science sector.

To download a PDF copy of Nikki’s presentation CLICK HERE


Wednesday 30th Aug: Evening Plenary, EPAA & ATLA Award – 16:30-17:30 EDT

ATLA Refinement in Practice Poster Award announcement & presentation.

This award is for ‘replacement’ that fully eliminates animal use and is ready to implement or scale up. Entries will be judged on: clarity of message, demonstration of creative or innovative thinking, scientific content, and potential impact of the replacement in practice. The winner will receive a monetary award of €500, and a year’s free subscription to ATLA. To enter, the presenting author must submit a copy of the poster abstracts via email by Friday 25th August. For more information visit


Nikki will be present throughout WC12 Canada (Sunday 27th – Thursday 31st August). Please do say hello if you see her and/or contact her via email if you would like to arrange a convenient time to discuss any questions you may have regarding the training and consultancy services offered by Responsible Research in Practice.

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